Arvin Maleki, an eminent figure in industrial design, skillfully melds the rich heritage of his family's Persian carpet industry with his innovative approach to modern design. His journey, characterized by a profound shift from a robust technological background to a focus on user-centric and sustainable design, illustrates a deep commitment to integrating tradition with progressive creativity. His dedication to excellence is consistently acknowledged through prestigious recognitions, notably including the Gold at the A'Design Award and Competition, as well as five additional gold medals from various international industrial design awards.

Arvin's global impact is confirmed by his ranking as the 7th in Iran, as per the World Design Rankings, and his position as the 731st top designer globally in the R+ Designer Rankings. As a senior partner at the World Design Consortium and a juror for esteemed awards such as The Stevie® Awards, New York Product Design Awards, and A'Design Award and Competition, he actively contributes to shaping the future of design while maintaining the industry's standards of excellence. His dedication and expertise are further manifested in his authoritative book on industrial design, which encapsulates years of research and represents a significant contribution to the discipline.

Arvin's comprehensive expertise, spanning drawing and prototyping to research and teamwork, is supported by an ongoing commitment to learning and enhancement. As an educator and mentor, he participates in workshops and conferences globally, nurturing the next generation of designers and fostering a community committed to innovation. His story is not merely one of personal accomplishment but a testament to the power of merging cultural heritage with innovative design, thereby influencing and inspiring the global design community and leaving a lasting impact on the field of industrial design.


In the realm of industrial design, where form and function dance in harmonious synchrony, my vision marries the ancestral craftsmanship of my heritage with cutting-edge technological innovation. Influenced by visionary creators like Zaha Hadid, I understand that design transcends the creation of objects; it's about crafting experiences that evoke emotion, provoke thought, and inspire engagement.

Rooted in a family steeped in the tradition of creating handwoven Iranian carpets, I learned early the nuanced language of design—each thread and color forming words in the narrative of creation. These carpets were not mere floor coverings but stories woven with history and significance, teaching me the value of every line and curve. This early exposure instilled in me a meticulous attention to detail and a passion for storytelling, which now permeates my approach to design.

My mission is to transform the abstract into the tangible, shaping ideas into visual and interactive experiences. Echoing Hadid, I believe design should stir the soul, offering new perspectives and profound interactions. This philosophy guides my principles: efficiency and applicability, elegance in simplicity, and a commitment to meaningfulness that transcends mere aesthetics.

Efficiency in design means optimizing every resource, ensuring that each element serves its purpose with elegance and effectiveness. The use of curves, inspired by natural and artistic fluidity, brings a dimension of thoughtfulness and beauty, reminiscent of the iconic works of Hadid. Meaningfulness in design creates a resonance between the user and the object, whether through cultural references, natural allusions, or innovative concepts, establishing a dialogue that enriches the user's experience.

Creativity is the lifeblood of my work, compelling me to break from the conventional, explore the uncharted, and constantly seek innovative pathways. As technology evolves, particularly through artificial intelligence, it offers new platforms and possibilities, transforming how we interact with and perceive our world. My role is to harness these advancements to create intuitive, engaging, and meaningful experiences.

In this ever-evolving landscape of design, I am committed to crafting solutions that not only meet functional needs but also inspire and elevate. This journey is about creation, iteration, and re-creation, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible. With every line, curve, and concept, I strive to create, inspire, and transform, ensuring that each design not only solves a problem but also speaks to the heart of the human experience. This is my art, my passion, and my commitment.

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